Thursday, 19 June 2008

the white knight

my work is a hunting lodge rebuilt as a temple, the black cult of modernism and the white knight Jimi hendrix. my work is traveling up river with Captain Willard, it is finding the fat bullfrog of antiquity is squatting up ahead, pushing everything, even the present into the past.It is about heros growing in publics mind long after they are dead, Elvis, Marx and Lt Col. H Jones

Sunday, 25 May 2008

near Walthamstow

Sunday afternoon

new images have been uploaded, though these are work in progress studio shots.
things to think about:
The relationship between Modernism and Nature and Romanticism.
Modernism = the will of the individual (Howard Roark)

Modernism = the will of the masses (art of detached objectivity)

Nature = unknowable, general, universal (woods)

Nature = Unique, adapting, unrestrained (tree)

A Neo Romanticism, Buildings entangled with vines.

The unicorn and dragon climb up off the coat of arms to level Tokyo and melt into the rubble.

A flag comes loose from the Korean DMZ and claims its own country.