Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cast of Revival images


Talk about: progress going examination exploration image/ object kadventure going as a thing
The relationship of the past to the future
Not something to he plundered but equally not something to be ignored or denied.

Talk about practical consiquences of ritual action
Talk about the point of gesture

Talk about the cyclical nature of modernity and antiquity

Talk about architecture?

Talk about the ephemeral
Sculpture as a vessel for an idea. As a method of delivery but of that thing being delivered also changing so I can withstand multiple deliveries. Like the well water changing.

Talk about the importance of improvisation of adapting existing in a moment a continual moment.
Like sculpture as a means of explaining an as tet unresolved idea, an unresolvable idea because it is an idea that involves a continual flow of new information
This idea is to do with progress as the spirit of modernism
It only exists for that second and then it is kit of date
And gone