Friday, 30 April 2010

urban hide tanning

Survival water filter

Survival water filter
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native american fish trap

native american fish trap
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noodling flat head catfish in Kingfisher Okla

dandelion Root coffee, wilderness survival,native American coffee

I made fire useing ICE

I made fire useing ICE
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Art Politics Migration.


Art Politics Migration

6th May 6-8.30pm

Location: BioCity, Pennyfoot St, NG1 1GF
(Next to One Thoresby Street)
BOOKING - To book a place at the seminar please email with the full names of those you are booking a place for and contact telephone number.
Cryptomnesia will also host a seminar exploring the problematic of positioning politicized artistic practices within the arguably ‘liberal’ context of the art institution, reflecting on how to avoid politically passive interaction with such work.
The chaired discussion will explore how art work that critiques government and corporate activity is displayed and contextualized within state and corporate funded art institutions.
Core issues to explore will include:
  • Does the aesthetic and theoretical dimension of such work take precedence over the political critique contained within it?
  • What is the effect of visualizing political subject matter in an art context (over other mediums), can art ever do more than illustrate the problem?
  • Has this exhibition and accompanying seminar been successful in creating a discursive space on migration politics?
  • If there is failure to tackle these issues is it the fault of the exhibition, the gallery context, the limitation of the medium or process of assimilation?
On the panel will be the artist Ursula Biemann, John Jordan (co-founder of the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination) and Colin Wright (lecturer, Critical Theory, University of Nottingham) who will each make a fifteen minute presentation, debate topics during an inter-panel discussion then open the discussion to the floor. The discussion will introduced by Professor Roger Bromley from The University of Nottingham.
John Jordan is a co-founder of the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination and is presently co-writing a book and film project about Utopian communities in Europe whilst being part of the organising collectives of the UK Climate Camp.
Colin Wright's general areas of research include French Critical Theory Continental Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and the intersections between Political and Postcolonial Theory. More specific research themes include the relationships between conflict and culture, violence and subject-formation, and revolutions and historiography.

irp launch

6.30pm to 9pm 6th May 2010

Launch of IRP issue 12 at Matt Roberts Arts


20x20 Magazine,
A3 Hand drawn & Quartered,
An Endless Supply,
Impulsive Random Platform,
Ladies of the Press,
One Staple Magazine,
Preston is my Paris,
Ralph Dorey,
Sarah Bowker-Jones,
Stingray Mag^zine,
The Succulent L’egume,
Unrealised Projects.

London-based Art Zine, “Impulsive Random Platform”, is pleased to present its 12th issue at Matt Roberts Arts as part of openFORUM- a series of workshops, talks, screenings and performances presented by professional development organisations, artist-led groups, curators and publications in May and June 2010. IRP 12 will feature new work by a selection of fellow self-publishers and magazine-makers from the UK and abroad and will be available to buy at the event, in addition to copies of publications by individual participants.


Monday, 26 April 2010

Press Release IN CASE WE DON’T DIE

Press Release

Berlin * London * Copenhagen* Non-Stop! 

Stephen Dunne (UK) // Andreas Emenius (S) // Bibi Katholm (DK) // Shane
Bradford (UK) // Ida Kvetny (DK) // Jacob Kirkegaard (DK) // Ralph Dorey (UK) //
Iben Toft Nørgård (DK) // John Strutton (UK) // Alex Hudson (UK) // Wonderland

This exhibition represents a joining of forces among 12 contemporary artists from
respectively Berlin, London and Copenhagen, all travelling down similar creative
paths, investigating the power of ritual, spontaneous bewitchments, visions of the future,
and a kind of “supernatural” presence that sometimes reveals itself during the creative
process. The exhibition is an attempt to visualize the already existing, natural
communities and connections as opposed to the “designed” communities
currently found in contemporary art as well as society in general.
The theoretical starting point for IN CASE WE DON’T DIE is an investigation into the
constant slippage, or cross-over, between various types of media, that is visible in the
work of the artists included in the exhibition – fx. transitions between film, performance,
painting, installation, objects, music / language / rhythm, and drawing. 
One main theme has been the focus of all contributions to the exhibition: The creative
process. Discovering ways of documenting this process. How might the creative
process give us a glimpse of the art that a race of survivors would produce, in case they
survived a future catastrophe? Is there a certain kind of (dark) magic that we can access
during our creative rituals?

These days...
These days potential catastrophes are everywhere you look. The world is full of danger,
threats, stress, overload and insecurity, and most of the time it feels very likely that we
are all going to be dead soon, the only question is when, exactly? Assuming that we,
against all odds, survive the terrifying pitfalls of the future that lies ahead, is creativity
going to be the thing that saves us? 

Bibi Katholm
Bibi Katholm is an artist, currently based in Copenhagen and Berlin. She has a
postgraduate diploma in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins (2006), and a Master of
Painting degree from Royal College of Art (2008) in London. Bibi exhibits internationally,
and she has had two major solo shows in Copenhagen since her graduation from the
RCA. Prior to her artistic education in London Bibi completed a BA in comparative
literature, and a cand. Mag. in Visual Culture at the University of Southern Denmark,
while she was working as a curatorial assistant at the exhibition space Kunsthallen
Brandts in Odense, Denmark. 
105 Chausseestraße, 10115 Berlin Mitte. (U-bahn station “Naturkunde Museum”)

Saturday 29th May 2010 from 17.00 – 22.00
With live sound performance and DJ session by Danish artist Lars Lundehave Hansen.
Opening hours: 
Monday – Saturday from 11.00 - 17.00 or by appointment. 
29th May – 12th June 2010.

Following the exhibition in Berlin the show will travel to Vegas Gallery in London,
where Bibi Katholm is going to curate the summer exhibition. The exhibition dates in
London are 15th July – 22nd August 2010. A new press release concerning this part of the
exhibition will be sent out closer to the time.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact:
Bibi Katholm   Phone: +45 51415098 
Studio: Pasteursvej 34, 7th floor, Carlsberg, 1778 Copenhagen V. Denmark
The exhibition space is kindly sponsored by Tækker Group, a Danish-owned group that operates
in the areas of property-, project-, and business development. This includes engineering,
architectural work, new construction, renovation, financing and administration. Tækker has office
facilities in Århus and Berlin.


Friday, 2 April 2010

Bildungsroman shortlisted for Artist Book of the Moment

Below is the the final results of the Artist Book of the Moment competition. Having read Rob Kovitz's extracts that are available on his website   I am currently saving to buy the complete work, it is as far as I can see a phenomenal piece of work on adventure and existence.  

The Race to the ABotM

The Art Gallery of York University is pleased to announce the results of the first AGYU Artists’ Book of the Moment award. From the short-list of 30 books, the one that rose to top of the ABotM is:
Rob Kovitz’ Ice Fishing in Gimli
“Ten years in the making, Ice Fishing in Gimli is an 8-volume image/text montage bookwork by Winnipeg artist/writer Rob Kovitz. Set in and around a strange small town and a large frozen lake in the uncharted center of Canada, it’s an epic citation saga of desire, ambition, weather and landscape …”
Not only is Ice Fishing in Gimli the 2010 AGYU ABotM, but Kovitz also receives the $1,500 prize.
The short list includes books by the following artists:
Andrew A. McLaren, Andrew Dadson, Anna M. Szaflarski, Bill Burns, Charles Woodard, Craig Stuart Love, Dagmar Dahle, Daniel Newman, Dave Dyment, Epsilon + Epsilon, Ian MacTilstra, Jamelie Hassan, James Kirkpatrick and Peter Thomson, Jaymee Martin, Joshua Schwebel, Julia Feyrer, Luis Jacob, Luke Ramsey and Andrew Neyer, Martin Hogue, Matt King, Nick Thurston, Paul McDevitt, Ralph Dorey, Rita Kamacho, Ron Jude, Ryan Park, Shake-n-Make Collective, Simon Morris, Vera Greenwood, and Xavier Rodríguez.
Details on all the short-listed titles are available by clicking here.
We’d like to thank all artists who sent in candidate books. You made the jurying process that much more difficult, and we appreciate it.
About the ABotM*
The Artists’ Book of the Moment competition is an acknowledgment of the extensive genre of artists’ books. Our jury (Toronto-based artist Micah Lexier, Director of Art Metropole Ann Dean, and Ottawa-based lawyer and collector Joe Friday) were faced with the difficult task of winnowing the field of all submitted books to a select group deemed worthy of recognition as ABotMs … thirty made the cut, and Kovitz’ epic rose to the top. All thirty ABotMs are listed on our website, including links and contacts for further investigation. Thanks ever so much to the jury in helping out.
*please note: the “A” in ABotM is silent
ABotM seal of approval