Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Berlin 2

Balance balance balance
throw it all away
helicoptors take off from unfinished military city.
Beware the White spirit
deatruction and preparation and then home

Monday, 24 May 2010

Berlin 3

Pressure pressure pressure then rain
no digging
lots of balancing
lots of nausea
work work work then go to Berlin carnival by Accident
broken glass bottles and glasses for ever plus techno
small sleep then back to work bank holiday so no buying jam jars and semolina
make everything work, make it work better
talk about Bergson, talk about Beuys. Talk about Will Oldham and CCR.
Drink a Papa Hemmingway.
get camera to kind of work.
See first cat of trip.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Berlin 1

Bag is very heavy
a lot of time on trains
languages used: little german, little French, lot of slow English.
note: Oil paint is not allowed on planes
have moved a large amount of local wood from where it was bleaching in an empty lot.
Tommorrow remember to improvise spade
camera has broken, shutter fires as part of wind on sequence, means rollei 35b lens cannot be retracted. Must take more photographs.
Bought camping stove and pots, explained to shopkeeper what was intended, reply "oh, ban marie!"
tommorrow collect soil
today aquired copper pipe, bamboo and turps (?)
do not talk to people in hostels

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I go to Berlin on Friday to begin the installation for In Case We Don't Die (see earlier post for details)

here are some of the things I've been thinking about.


earth moving equipment

How to make something totally fluid, how to keep things out of ones mind without trying to do so.

I went for a walk in the forest two days ago, I found the remains of a large camp fire and with the folding spade I had brought with me dug a square hole in the centre of the pile of ash, through the hardened brush underneath and into the clay till there was a square of pumpkin coloured ground in the middle of a circle of layered black and white and greys and around that the four heavy tree boughs that had been used to close in the fire when it had been burning.

I used a knife I had brought with me and on one burnt branch that had been left to one side I cut off all of the charcoal on an inch wide ring around the circumference about 6 inches form the thinnest end, cutting down the layer of solid wood underneath.

I then walked for a couple of hours, collecting moss, stones at the stream which is where I took the first video. I picked up some sticks, threw some away, picked up some others. I sat for a while on a pile of wood chips in an area where I assume the custodians of the forest cut wood. I worked on statement I had written for a residency I am apply for.

I walked out of the forest with a headache and got he train home. A man asked me if could tell him where he could buy some dope and a small boy asked me why I had brought sticks back.

The next day after work I met the fox cubs in the back garden and tried to video them on my phone as I had left my camera in my coat inside.

I've been packing my new F1 French army rucksack with fabric and bamboo and rubber and I did worry that all of my two inch sections of copper pipe might look suspicious on a customs xray and this might hold me up. I decided this is not worth worrying about. Similarly its not worth worrying about whether I should have packed a Stanley knife and junior hacksaw in the pack.

I had a quote from Moby Dick that I wanted to write here but I'm not sure where I've left it. It was the start of the chapter that follows Ishmael's descriptions of types of whale, or the one that follows his observations regarding whiteness. Regardless, the chapter opens with a stating of intent, that although some information has been given regarding the whale, more understanding is needed on the part of the reader and while a methodical approach of delivering this information may be expected, it is not suitable at this time and Ishmael proposes to relay some series of facts and descriptions of aspects of the whale and whaling that will with any luck illuminate a larger area through their relationships to one another and the space in between.