Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sonic Wrestling / The A band / Elevator Gallery

I have been recruited to play in the Psychick Defenders for this show. I have far more amplification and distortion than skill with an instrument, but I think this might actually be what's needed.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

In Case We Don't Die (Copenhagen) / Project Statement.

Ralph Dorey

In Case We Don’t Die
Project Statement 4
19th January 2011

  1. The Mountain Summit is a roadside forum holding forth that all fires are signal fires.
  2. The actions could suffer collective description as; the research into modes of existence relating to objects as a means of coming to terms with the lost spirit we most readily identify with Modernism.
  3. I am concerned with the act as a means of both uncovering and documenting, identifying the moment as the site of most consequence.
  4. In the summer of last year I stayed in a tent in the once orderly but now wild arboretum of a country estate. Under the tree canopy I stored possessions out of sight so that they would not need be carried once I stuck camp each morning. The bag of food kept safe and cool in the lee of a tree had a defined end of consumption. Other things became less and less attached to a specific use-destiny, objects of purpose but writhing free from the hold of this purpose. I kept things safe and marked out. Some were base things like rocks or soil to which I could not help but assign formal potential for these things were to be pressed with hands or they were to hold on to the ground. Some things were of a more Gordian resonance and more unstable to consider, for they grew or could grow and they rhymed and could rhyme and all the while they were looked at and thought of by myself and by each other.