Sunday, 7 October 2012

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State Science (2012)


Pot Healers (2012) Screening, The Armory, Pasadena

The Armory Center for the Arts
145 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

Friday 26th October 2012
$5 (suggested donation)

Text for MIA screening.

Artist name.

Ralph Dorey

Video title.

Pot Healers



Year produced.


Statement about work.

An introductory note for the viewer to read quietly.
I fell in love with a sentient beach ball while working (non union) in space. My hands are covered in mud and glue yet, despite all I had previously imagined at the kitchen table concerning this always approaching moment, I am sincerely ready. I wondered how far I might need to travel to be outside of the State, but things never work out like that. Anyway, I have now recognised that I misunderstood what “Permanent Revolution” meant and so have been labouring needlessly all this time after a multi-tenticular-snipe of my own cack-handed making. A dead hoarse run to nowhere. Still, I'll always have Bataille; at the extremes, there's freedom. So I bid you goodnight and an easy morning.”

Statement about artist.

I paint and write and keep to myself at the edge of town. My institutional studies ended four years ago and I have grown a beard ever since. Improvisation is the closest thing to immanence, sound is the closest thing to life. My last PhD proposal title was

Applications of the unknowable: a praxis of instability through the non-human”.

I think about George Clinton every day, and Martin Heidegger every other. To this writer, an artist's politico-ethics are the most important variable. I currently apply the ideas and games of Debord and Deleuze to the empowerment and self-realisation of children at a Special School. My only regrets are that I heard Dennis Oppenheim speak only once and that I didn't do more to save him.
Ralph Dorey, 6th October 2012, Walthamstow.